Elvial 4600

Balance of quality and price. Elvial 4600 windows with double glazing will furfill the needs of most investors.

  1. Affordability
  2. Meets the thermal standards of most investors in Europe and the rest of the world.
  3. Can be powder coated in any color.
  4. Double glazing 4x16x4 mm clima guard solar made by Guardian.
  5. Siegenia fittings.



  1. Thermal insulating opening system
  2. Recommended for conventional openings
  3. Thermal permeability rate Uf= 2,5 W/(m2*K)
  4. Increased burglar resistance with a mechanism of perimetrical lockings (up to 19 locking points)
  5. High level of thermal insulation with 24mm glass-fibre reinforced polyamide
  6. Easy placement of fittings in comparison with “Camera Europea” systems
  7. High level of insulation thanks to the use of EPDM sealing gaskets
  8. High level of sound reduction
  9. Water tightness: 900Pa in single sash with fixed sub-light (13 Beaufort cyclone)
  10. Internal joint corner with set up holes for the hinges for optimal stabilization
  11. Possibility to create all kinds of opening frames
  12. Available in linear and curvy shapes.


  1. Glass package 24 mm ( 4x16x4 mm ).
  2. Guardian ExtraClear glass ( CE ) Glass 4 mm.
  3. Air pocket 16 mm sa 90% argon gasa.
  4. Guardian ExtraClear glass ( CE ) Glass, 4 mm ( 3-ClimaGuard Solar ( CE )).
  5. UG = 1.0 w/m2k


  1. Flexible and modular system.
  2. Individual design options and extensive accessories.
  3. Stringently tested SIEGENIA quality
  4. Visok kvalitet materijala i otpornost na koroziju.
  5. Long-term high ease of use and contemporary appearance
  6. Security level up to rc 2.
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