The highest quality possible in PVC doors. Schuco seven chamber windows with triple glazing will meet the criteria of every investor.

  1. Quality without compromise
  2. Meets every thermal insulation standards in europe and the world.
  3. Available in over 100 colors and designs.
  4. Comes with a decorative panel 44 mm.
  5. Schuco fittings which ensures perfect compatability.
  6. Schuco technical support.
  7. Every year we have improvement conferences for our engineers.



  1. 82 mm montage Depth.
  2. 7 chambers.
  3. Ug – 0,96 w / m2k.
  4. Passes the IFT rosenheim institute standards for passive building.
  5. Up to 52 mm glass package space.
  6. Patented EPDM system by Schuco
  7. Three EPDM seals instead of standard two found in most profiles.


  1. Panel 44 mm ( 1mm pvc x 42 mm XPS x 1 mm pvc. )
  2. Glass aplication package 44 mm ( 4 mm glass x 16 mm air pocket x 4 mm glass x 16 mm air pocket x 4 mm glass ).
  3. Aluminium decorative elements 2 mm powder coated.


  1. Schuco vaariotec department.
  2. Leaders in the industry with innovative solutions.
  3. Universal fittings for any window dimmensions.
  4. Perfect airtightness.
  5. Schuco produces all of the components so the compatability is perfect.
  6. High quality stainless steel resistant to corrosion.
  7. Schuco TipTronic which makes electronic opening, closing and tilting possible.
  8. Security level up to rc2.
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