Tips while buying windows and doors:

Windows present on of the most important aspects of a building, the main purpose of a window is to give natural light to the room while protecting it from outside factors like noise and temperature.

  • Ask about the profiles used:

    While choosing windows it is very important to choose a quality profile system, the reputation and experience is very important. For PVC 5 and 7 chambers in profiles are the optimal number, chambers represent air pockets in the profile which have thermal and noise insulating functions, the number of chambers are made according to the thickness of the profile so if you have 10 chambers in a 60 mm thick profile you have absolutely no function. In aluminium profiles thermal breaks are the most important aspect. Feel free to ask your window company about certificates with profile performances.

  • Ask about the Glass packages:

    Glass covers the biggest square are of the window and because of that you have to be very careful about the glass that is being used. Feel free to ask about the producer of the glass and the type of glass used, all of our windows use clima guard solar glass made by Guardian. The air pockets between the glass packages are also crucial, all of our glass packages contain 90% argon gas in the air pockets which provides way better thermal values. Our standard glasses are 4x16x4 mm ( double glazing ) and 4x16x4x16x4 mm ( triple glaazing ).

  • Ask about the fittings:

    Ask your window producer about the fittings they use in their production. Airtightness of the window greatly depends on the fittings used, with bad fittings you will have windows that are not air tight and leak air while with good fittinngs you have a completely airtight window that doesn’t leak air anywhere.

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